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Come the Harvest
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Come the Harvest

Artwork by: 
Laura Cocksedge

Come the harvest I can say, I have worked the weeks away, Come the harvest, come the sun, If we pray the day will come, When I will lay myself to sleep, To dream of fields of golden wheat, Come the harvest we can smile again.

Come the harvest my old friend, I’ll be glad to meet again, Come the harvest, come relief, Bring a harvest here to me, And if the winter treats me fair, We shall meet again next year, Come the harvest’s all I ask in the end.

Come the harvest don’t be late, Bring me more than I could take, Birds are born out in the spring, They bring a harvest on the wing, But legs are slow, and springs a’ cold, Maybe we both have grown too old, Come the harvest we will both fade away.

Come the harvest, come the crop, We give you everything we’ve got, Come the harvest, come the bloom, You cannot come too soon, And by the blisters on my hands, I will die upon this land, Come the harvest you are all that I’ve got.