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Come the Harvest
A Seaman Returning
The Mermaid
A Villains Discourse
Ten Years Gone
The Governess
To New Amsterdam

The Governess

Artwork by: 
Joe B. Humbled

The governess with fine finesse, Would grace the grass with pirouettes, Her legs would bend to re-extend again. And the governor I was to her, Our love was not what she deserved, An ageing man with a youthful hand to hold.

The sparrow’s sang, their beaks a-chime, They siren in the summertime, Youthful hearts will stop and start, But wont fall far behind. They wont fall far behind.

Years go by and by and by, And she drifts further from my side, She would not dance to sooth my simple soul. When her mother passed, there was a shadow cast, And she said she must trust her heart, She rose leave and I chose to let her go.

The sparrow’s sang, their beaks a-chime, They warn us of the winter time, Youthful hearts will beat apart, As they wait to re-align. As they wait to re-align.

The governess in her moon-white dress, The bloom of youth declines to death, Her dancing days were only mine to forget.