A Shape from a Shadow
Come the Harvest
A Seaman Returning
The Mermaid
A Villains Discourse
Ten Years Gone
The Governess
To New Amsterdam

The Mermaid

Artwork by: 
Thomas Mitchell

It was 1824 I was bosun board a man of war And my true love lays ashore, an Alicantan sea-front parador As the weeks wore on, my lusty limbs deceive me And my haunted dreams; all adulterous and sleazy On a tame and tender wave, I was bile-breath and vomit-stains And as the moon lights up the bay, came maidens’ lonesome serenade

In her sea-weed bikini all doe-eyed and dreary she came like a ghost on the waves And I siren the sailors the sinful and shameless, the drugs and the dregs and decay And we coupled our troubles away

I was youth and innocence, I was opiates and impotence How she sparkles in the sun, how he loves the drunken decadence Then one star-bright night, came a crashing from beneath us And our ship there died, all but ragged rocks and splinters And we danced…

As I lie in the ocean, the cries and commotion, the drowning, the dying, the dead She comes like a dream and she drags me beneath and my life slips away in a breath But I lay my longing, and we laid our longing to rest.