A Shape from a Shadow
Come the Harvest
A Seaman Returning
The Mermaid
A Villains Discourse
Ten Years Gone
The Governess
To New Amsterdam

A Villains Discourse

Artwork by: 
Joe B. Humbled

Upon the sea, we would stray-light along the breeze, with a fortune of gold and bone. Beside me lay, my brother grey-toothed and underpaid, we're but a few days away from home. And never mind the awful weather, we’re returning home together soon. And how we dreamt of wealth and wonder, look-alive, and tell my lover true, I did it all for you. So here I’m neither fearful nor a fool, but the sky’s never looked so cruel.

From sea to land, my lover greets me with open hands; tears of turmoil a-stain her sleeve. With pockets bare, she falls upon me like the summer air, and we furrowed in disbelief. But never was a heart so faithful, seven years apart felt painful dear, And honest as a heartbeat rhythm, grasping every chance we’re given near. And down beneath a skyline black and bleak, such a heartbreak awaits for me.Oh sweet deceit, I watch our fortune away to sea, with a brother so cold and cruel, A sly retreat, I stalk my brother ‘cross oceans-deep, no forgiveness, nor heart at all. And how the sea salt stings the burn.

At last we meet, a sea-sick hatred a-swells in me, a fury blind I primed my blade, My love did plead, with every ounce of sincerity; don’t become what he became. My brother wept, the blade invades through his leather-flesh, such a vengeance I came to reap. Eyes to eyes, a lifeless carcass before me lays, what must the devil make of me.

I told my love; I’m well aware of what I’ve become and how I never could shed a tear, Farewell to all, there’s no way out for such a wicked fool, but its misfortune that brought me here. (Oh my love, what have you done?) I know exactly what I’ve become.